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Feeling Crafty is a subscription program I created that offers design tutorials and monthly downloads. Design tutorials will be on graphic design techniques that will help to enhance everyday crafts. The downloads will include fonts, vector files, backgrounds, templates, mockups and more! The are three tiers starting at $5, there is no commitment you can cancel when you’re ready.

Once paid subscriptions are non-refundable.

in order to access tutorials and free design downloads a plan must be selected.

FEELING CRAFTY IS NOW PASSWORD PROTECTED! All members will receive password on the 1st of each month. subscriptions are non-refundable. once subscribed you have stated you agree to these terms.

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Feeling Crafty is a paid subscription that allows homed based crafters to explore Graphic Design. Each subscription levels provides a unique experience for the crafter. 

  • Feeling Crafty downloads are uploaded once a month between the 1st and the 8th. The downloands can include but are not limited to SVG art files, PNG art files, JPEG art files, backgrounds, mockups, templates, and more.

  • Graphic design lessons are uploaded periodically through the course of the month and can be found on the Feeling Crafty Blog.

  • Craft Business Subscribers have to request design files which will be exclusive to that brand. All files are original and released for Subscriber to copyright image please be advised the is limited to 3 designs per month which does not include product mockups.

  • If you receive a free service within a promotion period and cancel before you're 6th month of subscribing you will be charged $50 for that service that was offered. For example if you sign up for a free logo design when you subscribe. If you cancel within 6th months of subscribing you will be charged $50.

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