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Ultimate Flat Style Bundle [BETTER]

MINI TO GO: The Mini ToGo is the ultimate travel companion! Featuring an ultra slim & sleek design, this flat iron is perfect for styling anywhere your travels take you. This exclusive set includes a BONUS matching travel pouch that gives you the freedom to organize your essentials and straighten, curl, wave & flip your hair on-the-go. With powerful gemstone Tourmaline plates and the performance of a regular sized flat iron, the Mini ToGo proves that big things sometimes do come in small packages!

Ultimate Flat Style Bundle


Get ready to power wash, quench, refresh and style your hair to perfection with our Ultimate Wash Day Bundle! Packed with ingredients such as Biotin, Rosemary & Mint to support hair growth, nourish and thicken hair strands, and reduce breakage; Collagen, Tea Tree Oil & Eucalyptus to hydrate and relieve dry, itchy scalp; and Saw Palmetto, Jamaican Black Castor Oil & Grapeseed Oil to retain hair length and seal in moisture. All of this, along with the best in maintenance and styling products included in this bundle, guarantees your hair wash routine will have everything needed for your healthiest hair ever!

Posh Bundles can give bigger profit over Offer to Likers. Using Offer to Likers, you are required to discount shipping, but with bundles, it is not a requirement, and the flat rate shipping cost will be spread out across all of the items in the bundle. It gives you and the buyer the chance of saving money in shipping by just paying one shipping fee for multiple items.

There are a lot of ways to do this, but the ultimate goal is to have your mat board sweep from being flat on your table to being vertical. You may need to roll up the board to help it reach that shape.

It's the bedding company the internet just can't stop talking about: Brooklinen. The luxe sheet brand is simplifying the shopping process by offering this bundle, which includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, four pillowcases, and a duvet cover.

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