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Memberships Breakdowns:
Subscriptions are charged monthly, and can be cancelled through PayPal at any time. Please keep in mind this group is for paid and active memberships only.

Feeling Crafty Artwork: $10 per month
Allows access to all Feeling Crafty Artwork produced each month as well as design templates. You are also able to request 3 designs per month, these designs are added to the files for that month.

PC Resell: $50 per month

Subscribers are able to resell any artwork that is available through the Artwork subscription, templates, Design elements, as well as request up to 3 custom designs exclusive the their business.

Graphic Design Class: $150 per month
Access to Feeling Crafty Artwork, Ability to resell during active payment months, Instruction videos to guide through the Adobe Software: Instruction videos are recorded and it is expected for student to recreate designs that are created on each recording. Ability to book weekly sessions to discuss skills that need a more in depth explanation. This plans also features tools and resources to enhance your artwork and compositions.


  • Feeling Crafty

    Every month
    Artwork and Templates
    • Unlimited Art Downloads (SVG, EPS, DXF, PNG, JPEG, and PDF)
    • Mock-Ups
    • Craft and Design Templates
    • 3 Custom Artwork Request
  • PC Resell

    Every month
    Dropship you favorite artwork: Create Income
    • Resell artwork files as your own
    • Training on how to promote artwork
  • Design Essentials

    Logo Design, Flyer Design Banner Design and More
    • Learn techniques to produce amazing graphics
    • Learn to navigate the adobe suite, Canva, and more
    • Access to our Phyling Crafty Subscription
    • Facebook Group Support
  • Annual Mentoring

    4 Weekly Skill and/or business mentoring sessions.
    Valid for one year
    • Mentoring Session (Monthly)
  • Mentoring Session (Monthly)

    Get the most out of your education with our monthly One-on-One Mentoring.
    Valid for one month
    • Mentoring Session (Monthly)
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