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AKA Inspired Hard Shell Luggage Cover
  • AKA Inspired Hard Shell Luggage Cover

    Works with hard shell luggage and comes in 3 sizes.Type: Polyester 95%, Spandex 5%, Dust Resistant, for Traveling LuggageSmall: 5.29 Oz. Size in 20"(W) x 24"(L)Medium: 6.70 Oz. Size in 20.5"(W) x 28.5"(L)Large: 7.76 Oz. Size in 25"(W) x 31.5"(L)Designed for fashion women and men, stylish and personalized.Dust resistant and anti-scratch, protect your luggage against dirt and scratch.Elastic polyester-spandex fabric, durable, reusable and washable.Includes left-side slits for easy access to your luggage handles.A zipper on the bottom side. Easy to use and remove.
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