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Zula Mobile: Free Multiplayer FPS Game with 8000+ Attachments - APK

Zula Mobile: A Free, 3D, and Multiplayer FPS Game for Android and iOS

If you are looking for a fun, fast-paced, and competitive FPS game that you can play on your mobile device, you should check out Zula Mobile. Zula Mobile is a free-to-play shooter game that offers high-quality graphics, various game modes, and a large arsenal of weapons. You can also customize your equipment, join your friends, and climb the rankings in this exciting game. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Zula Mobile and how to download and play it.

What is Zula Mobile?

Zula Mobile is an FPS mobile game that is developed by Lokum Games, a Turkish game studio. It is based on the PC version of Zula, which is a popular shooter game in Turkey and Europe. Zula Mobile is designed for e-sports enthusiasts who want to experience intense battles on their smartphones or tablets. You can choose from 20 different characters and two teams: Zula, a paramilitary faction, or Gladyo, a vigilante faction. You can also select from over 150 weapons, ranging from pistols to sniper rifles. Zula Mobile has more than 8000 attachments, skins, and accessories for guns that you can use to modify your equipment as you wish.

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How to download and play Zula Mobile?

The download links for Android and iOS devices

Zula Mobile is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can download it from the Google Play Store or the App Store for free. Here are the download links:

  • For Android: Zula Mobile: 3D Online FPS - Apps on Google Play

  • For iOS: Zula Mobile: 3D Online FPS on the App Store

You can also play Zula Mobile on your PC or Mac by using an emulator like BlueStacks. Here is the link for that:

  • For PC or Mac: Download & Play Zula Mobile on PC & Mac (Emulator) - BlueStacks

The installation and registration process

After downloading the game, you need to install it on your device. The installation process may vary depending on your device model and operating system. Generally, you just need to follow the instructions on the screen and grant the necessary permissions for the game to run properly.

Once the installation is complete, you need to register an account to play the game. You can either create a new account with your email address or log in with your Facebook account. You can also link your Facebook account later if you want.

The customization and control options

Before you Before you start playing, you can customize your character and your equipment. You can change your character's name, appearance, and voice. You can also equip different guns, attachments, and skins for each slot. You can preview your equipment and see how it affects your stats, such as damage, accuracy, and fire rate.

You can also adjust the control settings to suit your preference. You can change the sensitivity, the layout, the size, and the opacity of the buttons. You can also enable or disable features such as auto-fire, auto-aim, auto-reload, and gyroscope. You can test your settings in the training mode before entering a match.

What are the game modes and maps in Zula Mobile?

A description of the five game modes: Team Deathmatch, Sabotage, Capture the Flag, Free for All, and Ranked

Zula Mobile offers five game modes that you can play with other players online. Each game mode has its own rules and objectives. Here is a brief description of each game mode:

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  • Team Deathmatch: This is the classic mode where two teams of up to eight players each compete to get the most kills in a limited time. The team with the most kills at the end of the match wins.

  • Sabotage: This is a mode where one team tries to plant a bomb at one of two sites while the other team tries to stop them or defuse the bomb. The attacking team wins if they successfully plant and detonate the bomb or eliminate all enemies. The defending team wins if they prevent the bomb from being planted or defused or eliminate all enemies.

  • Capture the Flag: This is a mode where two teams of up to eight players each try to capture the enemy's flag and bring it back to their base while defending their own flag. The team with the most flag captures at the end of the match wins.

  • Free for All: This is a mode where up to 16 players compete against each other in a free-for-all match. The player with the most kills at the end of the match wins.

  • Ranked: This is a mode where you can play Sabotage or Team Deathmatch with more competitive rules and earn points based on your performance. You can also join a clan or create your own clan and participate in clan wars.

A list of the ten maps featuring locations in the Middle East

Zula Mobile features ten maps that are inspired by real locations in the Middle East. Each map has its own layout, design, and atmosphere. Here is a list of the ten maps:

Map NameDescription

Old TownA map set in an old town with narrow streets, alleys, and rooftops.

FavelaA map set in a favela with colorful houses, stairs, and bridges.

Wedding HallA map set in a wedding hall with tables, chairs, and decorations.

RefineryA map set in a refinery with pipes, tanks, and machinery.

Southern IraqA map set in a desert area with sand dunes, tents, and vehicles.

Northern IraqA map set in a mountainous area with rocks, caves, and ruins.

Istanbul StreetsA map set in a busy street with shops, cars, and trams.

BazaarA map set in a bazaar with stalls, goods, and crowds.

China TownA map set in a Chinatown with lanterns, signs, and buildings.

SyriaA map set in a war-torn city with rubble, walls, and snipers.

How to earn rewards and customize your equipment in Zula Mobile?

Zula Mobile has a rewarding system that allows you to earn various items and currencies by playing the game. You can use these items and currencies to customize your equipment and enhance your gameplay. Here are some of the ways you can earn rewards and customize your equipment in Zula Mobile:

The Zula Mobile Battle Pass system and its benefits

The Zula Mobile Battle Pass is a feature that lets you unlock exclusive rewards by completing missions and leveling up your pass. You can access the Battle Pass from the main menu and see the missions, rewards, and progress. There are two types of Battle Passes: Free and Premium. The Free Battle Pass gives you access to basic rewards, such as gold, cards, and skins. The Premium Battle Pass gives you access to more rewards, such as diamonds, characters, guns, and attachments. You can buy the Premium Battle Pass with real money or diamonds.

The card system and how to use it to get guns, characters, attachments, and skins

The card system is a feature that lets you collect cards that represent different items in the game. You can get cards by opening crates, completing missions, or buying them with gold or diamonds. There are four types of cards: Gun Cards, Character Cards, Attachment Cards, and Skin Cards. You can use these cards to get guns, characters, attachments, and skins for your equipment. You need a certain number of cards to get an item. For example, you need 10 Gun Cards to get a gun. You can see the number of cards you have and the number of cards you need from the inventory menu.

The merge system and how to exchange cards for new ones

The merge system is a feature that lets you exchange cards that you don't need for new ones. You can access the merge system from the inventory menu and select the cards that you want to merge. You can merge up to five cards of the same type and rarity at a time. The result of the merge will be a random card of the same type but higher rarity. For example, if you merge five common Gun Cards, you will get a rare Gun Card. You can use this feature to get better cards and items for your equipment.

How to join friends and compete with others in Zula Mobile?

The social features of the game: Facebook integration, QR code sharing, chat, and voice communication

Zula Mobile is not only a game but also a social platform where you can interact with other players. You can use the following features to join friends and communicate with others in Zula Mobile:

  • Facebook integration: You can link your Facebook account to your Zula Mobile account and see which of your Facebook friends are playing the game. You can also invite them to play with you or join their matches.

  • QR code sharing: You can generate a QR code from the game menu and share it with your friends via social media or messaging apps. Your friends can scan the QR code with their devices and join your match or clan.

  • Chat: You can chat with other players in the game lobby or during a match. You can also send emojis, stickers, and voice messages.

  • Voice communication: You can use voice communication to talk with your teammates or opponents during a match. You can also mute or report players who are abusive or annoying.

The ranking system of the game: League Rankings, Season Rankings, and Experience Rankings

Zula Mobile has a ranking system that measures your performance and skill in the game. You can see your rank from the profile menu and compare it with other players. There are three types of rankings in Zula Mobile:

  • League Rankings: These are rankings based on your points in Ranked mode. There are six leagues: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Master. Each league has five divisions: V, IV, III, II, and I. The higher your league and division, the better your rank.

  • Season Rankings: These are rankings based on your points in Season mode. Season mode is a special mode that lasts for a certain period of time and has different rules and rewards. There are four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Each season has its own leaderboard.

  • Experience Rankings: These are rankings based on your experience level in the game. Experience level is determined by the amount of experience points (XP) you earn by playing the game. XP is earned by completing matches, missions, achievements, etc. The higher your experience level, the higher your rank.

Conclusion and FAQs

Zula Mobile is a free, 3D, and multiplayer FPS game that you can play on your Android or iOS device. It has many features that make it a fun and competitive game, such as various game modes, maps, weapons, attachments, skins, characters, rewards, rankings, and social options. You can download and play Zula Mobile today and join millions of players around the world. If you are looking for a mobile shooter game that offers high-quality graphics, fast-paced action, and e-sports potential, Zula Mobile is the game for you.

Here are some FAQs that you may have about Zula Mobile:

Q: How much storage space does Zula Mobile require?

A: Zula Mobile requires about 1.5 GB of storage space on your device. You may also need to update the game regularly to get the latest features and fixes.

Q: How can I get more gold and diamonds in Zula Mobile?

A: You can get more gold and diamonds by playing the game, completing missions, leveling up your Battle Pass, or buying them with real money. You can also get free gold and diamonds by watching ads or participating in events.

Q: How can I report a bug or a problem in Zula Mobile?

A: You can report a bug or a problem in Zula Mobile by contacting the customer service team. You can access the customer service menu from the settings menu and fill out a form with your details and issue. You can also send an email to or visit the official website or social media pages of Zula Mobile for more information.

Q: How can I improve my performance and skills in Zula Mobile?

A: You can improve your performance and skills in Zula Mobile by practicing in the training mode or playing against bots. You can also watch tutorials, tips, and tricks videos on YouTube or other platforms. You can also learn from other players by watching their live streams or replays.

Q: How can I join an e-sports tournament or a clan war in Zula Mobile?

A: You can join an e-sports tournament or a clan war in Zula Mobile by following the official announcements and instructions of Zula Mobile. You can also check the e-sports section of the game menu or visit the official website or social media pages of Zula Mobile for more details.

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