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Digital Shop Buildout

Digital Shop Buildout

This service allows for Phyl Graphics to create 10 digital listings based on your shops niche. Listings can be loaded onto Etsy/Website by us or simply delivered via email for you to load in your own time. This service to be completed takes 5-7 business days. You do not have to have an existing Etsy shop or website to purchase this service. 


Buildout also includes the following:

Optimized title and Keywords for each listing

Listing Main photos and download instructions

Marketing Strategy to increase your sales and audience


PRICE $300 for self listing

PRICE $400 for Phyl Graphics to list for you or create your landing page


Pricing for additional listings (add on only)

$100 per 10 listings.


Shops with physical products are accepted. We do ask that you have product photos prepared as well as any preparation videos.

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