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Tax Pro Content and Brand Kit
  • Tax Pro Content and Brand Kit

    The "Tax Pro Brand Kit" from Phyl Graphic Studios offers a comprehensive branding package designed to establish a professional and cohesive visual identity. Here are the features included in the package:


    • Logo Design

      • Main Logo: The primary visual representation of your brand.
      • Submark: A simplified version of the main logo for versatility in various contexts.
    • Brand Style Guide

      • A document outlining the visual elements of your brand, including color schemes, typography, and usage guidelines to ensure consistency across all platforms.
    • File Package

      • The logo and other design elements are provided in multiple formats: PDF, JPEG, PNG, SVG, and EPS. These formats ensure compatibility for various uses, from web to print.
    • Website Design

      • Website design services for popular platforms like Wix, Squarespace, or Shopify. Note that this package does not include hosting and domain fees, which must be purchased separately.
    • Promo Flyer

      • A professionally designed flyer for promotional purposes.
    • Business Card Design

      • Custom-designed business cards that align with your brand identity.
    • Social Media Content Kit

      • 24 pc. Social Media Content Kit: A set of 24 pieces of content designed for social media platforms.
      • 18 Social Post Templates: Templates for creating engaging social media posts.
      • 3 Tik Tok/Reel Templates: Templates specifically designed for TikTok and Instagram Reels.
      • 1 Facebook Banner: A custom banner for your Facebook page.
    • Promotional Materials

      • Retractable Banner Design: A design for a retractable banner, ideal for events and exhibitions. An additional option to print the banner is available for $150.


    This package is designed to provide everything needed for a cohesive and professional brand presence both online and offline.

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